Leave your brain in neutral and enjoy: RICCO – THE MEAN MACHINE review

Ricco - The Mean Machine

Charming movie. Fun and entertaining eurocrime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The plot? A mafia boss is murdered, Euro-babe Barbara Bouchet gets naked a lot – More...

Visually stunning giallo with Franco Nero: THE FIFTH CORD review

The Fifth Cord

“I am going to commit murder,” whispers the faceless killer. “I can imagine the thrill and pleasure I will experience as I stalk my victim. There must be no More...

Unfairly overlooked 70s modern western: VIGILANTE FORCE review


A small town comes under attack from a group of peculiar-looking rednecks, so a no-nonsense Vietnam veteran (Kris Kristofferson – in his prime) is hired by the residents More...


Crime does not pay in Italy: GO GORILLA GO review

Euro-cult legend and one of the coolest actors of all time, Fabio Testi (The Big Racket), plays a gorilla (bodyguard) who is hired to protect a moody industrialist from blackmailers. More...

Not good, not good at all: ABRAXAS – GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE review

Some things in life are just plain bad for you. Drugs for example. Or how about Abraxas – Guardian of the Universe? Unintentionally hilarious, low-budget sci-fi/action More...

Post-apocalyptic mayhem: WARLORDS OF THE 21st CENTURY trailer


Trailer for Warlords of the 21st Century (1982), better known as Battletruck, a post-apocalyptic Roger Corman movie about More...

Sword in one hand, baby oil in the other: THE ADVENTURES OF HERCULES trailer


Above is the trailer for The Adventures of Hercules (1985, aka. Hercules 2) – Luigi Cozzi’s goofy More...


Brutal… Evil… Ghastly beyond belief: Vintage VHS Cover Art, Part 22

Here’s another nostalgic look at the big clunky VHS tapes from the good old days. These beautiful things were put on..
Cry Onion

How the West was fun: Enzo G. Castellari’s CRY ONION review

Comical spaghetti westerns aren’t for everyone. Holy mother of God, most Italian slapstick westerns suck ass! And many fans believe all..

Belted, buckled and booted: Russ Meyer’s ode to the violence in women

Below, a set of lobby Cards from Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat… Kill! kill!(1965). The film begins with the line: “Ladies and Gentlemen,..