Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2011

A new name for an old game: WHEN WOMEN PLAYED DING DONG review

This is a pretty bad 70′s caveman spoof based on the Raquel Welch classic One Million Years BC. But still, there are enough obscure things in it to make it watchable. In this weird film you learn that ladies in the stone age were actually sexmaniacs who loved to dance. All day long they just waited for their husbands to come home from work/war to have lots of dirty sex with them. When Women Played Ding Dong is a sex/comedy about two tribes that constantly goes to war against each other. One day the ladies have had enough of the men’s warmongering and arrange a strike. Their plan: Abstain doing ding dong until their prehistoric cave-studs stop fighting. In other words, the message here is “Make Ding Dong not war”. Nice.

When Women Played Ding Dong is not exactly a big, juicy roast beef of a film. It’s not even funny and mostly just retarded. I love caveman movies and Raquel Welch and all that, and I have nothing against a good sex/comedy now and then (in moderation that is). But to call this a good movie is madness. Still, I kinda liked it. It’s full of dumb jokes, hot cave-chicks sporting 70′s hairstyles, a f**ked up title tune that will haunt your ears forever and, of course, plenty of ding dong. The film is directed by Sergio Corbucci’s brother, Bruno Corbucci, and for obvious reasons I can’t give it more than a 3 out of 6 rating. However, there’s something about this movie that will appeal to you if you dig bad movies and/or if you’re crazy in the head (like yours truly). It’s the type of movie that you have to take by the horns and tame as you watch – simply because it’s weird. Strange. Odd. It’s extremely silly. Seriously, it even has cavemen who play electric guitars. And as we all know; Entertainment doesn’t get much better than cavemen, shapely ladies and el guitars.

Release year: 1971 | Country: Italy | Director: Bruno Corbucci | Starring: Antonio Sabato | Aka. When Men Carried Clubs And Women Played Ding-Dong | Buy movie: DVD