Published On: Sat, Nov 19th, 2011

Terror stalks the nudists: MONSTER NUDIST DOUBLE FEATURE review

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The nudist genre was a common exploitation sub-genre in the 50′s and early 60′s. Most of these films were set in conventional nudist camps where you could watch naked people playing volleyball, dancing and swimming. This was before the birth of hardcore, so none of these films will offend anyone today. They’re quite innocent. I stumbled upon a Double Feature DVD the other day containing two of these nudie flicks, and of course, I had to buy the damn thing. The first film here, The Monster of Camp Sunshine, is in black & white and if you ask for a bad movie it doesn’t get much worse (better) than this. It stinks so bad that it’s scary. I liked it. Sort of.

The film is about two chicks. Roommates. One is a nurse and the other is a fashion model, and guess what? They’re both nudists!! The nurse knows a scientist that experiments on rats, and one day she is suddenly attacked by a bunch of really aggressive ones. But she is rescued. Thank God. After this traumatic event, they decide to go visit a nudist camp called Camp Sunshine to relax a bit. There they strut around and smoke (Jeezes, they sure smoked a lot in the sixties). The rat-dude then decides to get rid of the serum that made the rats go insane earlier, so he puts the stuff in a bottle and throws it in the river. Yup, that’s a good idea – not. Eventually the bottle breaks and the serum ends up at Camp Sunshine. A sweaty guy drinks the serum, and wouldn’t you know it, he goes completely apeshit. This movie sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? It’s not. Like I said, it stinks. However, it’s so bizarre that it’s fascinating. So for fellow fans of bad movies this is a must-see.

Try to have fun with it, but whatever you do, don’t expect a good movie. You’ll be in serious trouble if you do. At some point it even changes into a silent film where all the dialogues are written on a blackboard! It’s awful and it has scarred me forever. Still… I decided to watch film number two in this Monster Nudist Double Feature as well. Lord help me. The Beast That Killed Women is about Delores who loves tanning, but she complains about not being tan on her entire body. Her boyfriend, Byron, therefore takes her to a Miami nudist camp. After showing of her flabby butt for a while, she finally gets a nice tan - but suddenly a monster (or rather, a gorilla) shows up. One night, the monster (heh-heh) sneaks up on the nudists while they are asleep and kills a woman. And shortly after, Delores and Byron are also attacked by the hairy creature. Delores gets away, but Byron is thrown into the water and (for some strange reason) he ends up at the hospital.

The police are assigned to the mysterious case and a female officer is sent to the camp as bait. Ingenious plot. If you’re a fan of bizarre films that are so bad they’re good, you have to see The Beast That Killed Women. It’s boring here and there – and I must admit I wanted to fast forward several times. About two minutes into the film actually. But the cheerful tone and goofy tone enchanted me. I liked this film – in that charming bad movie sort of way. On the other hand, I had just seen The Monster of Camp Sunshine earlier. And even a week-long crochet course is probably fun after watching the incredible shitfest known as The Monster of Camp Sunshine. Okay, both these films are ridiculously bad. But I don’t care – these are nudist films. They’re so bad that you can’t help but smile. And there are boobies in them. That’s always fun. Oh well, there you have it. Two weird, retarded films where all the characters are so positive and full of life that it rubs off on you, and eventually it makes you take your clothes of too. Or maybe it’s just me..?

Release year: 1964/1965 | Country: USA | Directors: Ferenc Leroget (Camp Sunshine) and Barry Mahon | Starring: Lots of naked people | Buy movie: DVD