Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2013

Gut munching gore hounds: CANNIBAL TERROR review

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Deep in the jungle the flesheaters are waiting!

Oh man, this is the lamest cannibal film ever. I think I’m in love. Cannibal Terror (1980) is worth seeking out if you’re a sad, pathetic bad-movie-fan like me. But you really have to change your way of looking at movies to really enjoy retarded shit like this. Here’s the plot: Three criminals kidnap a young girl, escape into the jungle (obviously someone’s garden) and end up being pursued by natives. This weird, French film is so bad it’s comical, it’s nowhere near as graphically violent as Italian cannibal movies, and most of the cannibals are caucasian with sideburns and beer-bellies.

Release year: 1980 | Country: Spain/France | Director: Alain Deruelle | Buy movie: DVD