Weird double feature trailer: THE BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE + I DISMEMBER MAMA

Below, trailer for a Double Feature of The Blood Spattered Bride (1972) and I Dismember Mama (1972) with a reporter covering a story of an audience member who has gone totally insane while watching the films. The Blood Spattered Bride is one of the greatest lesbian vampire movies ever made and it’s about a newlywed bride who moves into her husband’s spooky castle. There she falls under the spell of a man hating, lesbian vampire (Alexandra Bastedo) and becomes more and more alienated from her horny, slightly older husband who just wants to have dirty sex all the time. I Dismember Mama is a sleazy, mediocre psycho movie about a skinny killer who escapes from a mental hospital and heads home to kill his mother. But she’s not at home so he marries a little girl (?!) instead. One of the most bizarre trailers I’ve seen in a while. “Really far out!”

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