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Welcome to Rare Cult Cinema! Thank you for taking the time to visit this rather primitive movie magazine. We appreciate it, and hope you will find some of the content here interesting.

This is a norwegian site with film reviews and articles by and for people who love cult and genre films; Exploitation, action, science fiction, horror etc. All content here is intended to inform and entertain, not to be taken too seriously, so I suggest that you just skip the stuff you don’t like. The site launched in september 2011 to celebrate strange, surreal and straight up weird cult movies. We like all kinds of films — the good, the bad and the so bad they’re good. Sure, it’s nice to grill a steak to perfection, but sloppy junk food also tastes good sometimes. So if you’re looking for something different (of course you are), you’ve come to the right place. There are no ads, pop-ups or other spam here, just a bunch of badass movies. So prepare for a fun trip with cinema’s most eccentric films that are anything but mainstream.
We’re always looking for new reviewers. If you’re interested, send us an e-mail with subject line “Reviewer: [your name]”. We’re poor and we spend all our money on beer, so this job doesn’t pay. But we would love to hear from you; Tell us what sort of movies you’re interested in reviewing, how often you’d be able to review and a little bit about yourself. SPECIAL NOTICE! The management disclaims any responsibility for patrons who suffer (A.) apoplectic strokes (B.) cerebral hemorrhages or (C.) fainting spells during the very shockingly gruesome scenes on this website.

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